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Computer Science Non-Thesis 45 credits This program is designed for students who want to obtain broad knowledge of advanced topics in computer science but without the requirement of a thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy Ph. Computer Science The Ph. Additional Requirements The items and clarifications below are additional requirements set by this department: Curriculum Vitae — required for both M. Optional for Ph. Scholarship Deadlines: January 1 for applicants who wish to be considered for scholarship awards; otherwise, March 1 for admission to the Fall term. McGill Publications.

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Non-Canadian citizens incl. Current McGill Students any citizenship. Fall Term:. March 1. Summer Term:. Working on computers from years, I believe that I have been gifted Computer Science and I choose it not just as my career path but also as a lifelong passion. This will be a major step towards my aspiration of making significant contributions to active research as well as the industry in the field of Software Development. Statement of Purpose Course applied: Computer Science My passion for Computers developed when my fingers felt the first touch of it.

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The abstruse world of computers fascinated me to penetrate the technology and learn more about it, when I was in my 6th grade. The passion for this ever changing technology of computers enthralled me to take up graduation in Computer Science, further to go for research in this stream. My ambition towards this subject and. A programming language is an artificial language which gives instruction that is carried out by a computer. The researcher chose this project to understand and learn about Programming language design, structure and computer software development.

The researcher wanted to find out how object oriented programing languages work, their processing, how they are designed. Research Question: Object-oriented OO technology in software design and implementation has gained popularity for cost reduction and quality improvement.

Research the concept of OO.

In 10 pages double spaced, 12 point Times Roman font with 1 inch margins , explain the evolution of OO, how it differs from procedural programming, why it is more cost effective and how it can improve software quality. The research project will be submitted through Turnitin Be sure to locate at least 6 sources. While at NCSU I had the chance to work under a computer science professor and learn a great deal from him. As a result of my prior research experience I believe that I will be a perfect fit for this Research Experience.

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