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While living in Orange County my family would often take me to Disneyland, along with my younger Brother for the short time before we moved to Crestline.

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I was born December 26, and yes fortunately the day after Christmas. I was born in Galloway, NJ where I lived for a little. I have a very different name; I was named after my dad. I have a well-rounded personality. I never had problems making new friends I always got along with everyone. I am very outgoing. When I was in middle school I would play and try out for every sport I could get into. When I meet new people sometimes I happen to be very shy and quiet.

Sometimes I like being very aware of my surroundings when I meet new people. People find me to be funny and interesting when they meet me. It feels good to have good vibes with people.

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When I was younger I had dreams of being a big time fashion model and traveling the world as a fashion icon. Ever since I was little I was one of those people who enjoyed life. I enjoy traveling I been traveling since I was about 4 years old. One of my favorite places was actually California, Los Angles to be exact. The feel that it brings you was magical and a Hollywood My name is Milk Bear.

Paragraph on Use of Plastic Bags

I am a school bag. Let me tell you about my past. Early one morning, I found myself hanging in a bag shop.

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Suddenly, a young girl, about eight years old, walked into the shop. Her name is Michelle. She told her mother that she needed a new school bag because her previous bag had given way. So, her mother asked Michelle to choose a bag that she liked. Michelle looked at the shelf and saw me. She took me down and placed me on the counter. Suddenly, everything turned white. I did not know what was happening.

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I stayed in there for almost three hours. Finally, I was taken out. Then I noticed that the white place was actually a plastic bag. When I looked around, I could see lots of beautiful things. Then, Michelle came running towards me holding books and stuff in her hands. After putting everything neatly in me, I did not feel so empty.

The next day, Michelle carried me to school. I met some new friends, which are bags. After using me for a few months, I had a hole at the bottom. Michelle did not want to use me anymore. She threw me into the rubbish dump. I was so sad that a tear rolled down my eye. After a few hours, I saw an old woman walking towards me.

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  • She picked me up and brought me into her house. This is important because plastic bags are used worldwide and are mostly used once then are thrown out and because of this we are just harming ourselves by continuing to use plastic bags. Environmental and human costs are related because they both negatively impact us in many ways. The human impact is that we are polluting our environment because we dispose of the plastic bags incorrectly.

    The Autobiography of a School Bag

    An alternative for plastic bags would be using reusable bags made of other fabrics instead of using plastic. Using reusable bags would reduce the effects of plastic bags because we would lower the amount of plastic being produced and disposed by simply using a reusable bag. Have a paradigm results for: cleanliness short essay harmony with of clean in muslim faith for kids spiritual leaders and computer science,.

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