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This course will survey works in 19th and 20th century American Realism, Naturalism, and Modernism, with attention to the relations between modern subjectivity and state power — to the ways in which gender, class, and race have been influenced by the normalizing processes of society and government. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner. It is sometimes said that the Bible is not a book but a library. It is made up of dozens of books written over centuries, in different styles and even different languages. At the same time, the Bible has always been experienced by Jewish and Christian readers as telling a single story though they obviously differ as to what that story is.

In both its unity and multiplicity scripture has inspired and haunted the minds of poets, dramatists and novelists from late antiquity to the present.

In this class we will attempt to do both. When an author is making use of a specific Biblical text which may itself be doing the same thing with other Biblical texts a conversation opens up between them, which can either clarify or complicate our understanding of each. These conversations will be the fuel for our conversations over the course of the semester.

Along the way, we will read a number of Biblical texts and also literary works by such writers as Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen and Hopkins. Students will write an initial short paper, and then work on a longer research paper, which will include several smaller assignments. Practice in advanced creative writing with emphasis on style and strategies for creating work in specific genres. Can be taken for up to 9 hours with change of content. This is an in-depth writing course focused on researching and writing historical fiction.

Through reading published historical novels as well as historical sources, we will explore aspects of writing historical fiction, including methods of research, historical accuracy vs. Students will create two chapters of an historical novel or two historical short stories.

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The first part of the semester will be devoted to the study of published historical novels and selected historical sources that inform them. From midsemester on, students will concentrate on developing their own historical fiction.

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This course though will not focus on his position in the trans-regional construct of South Asia, but rather on his location within the national domain of Pakistani Anglophone fiction. Mohsin Hamid will be visiting campus to take part in the Puterbaugh Festival April 6—8. Students will be expected to attend most of the events of the festival, at which they will be given an assignment to interview Mr. Hamid or one of the visiting scholars one-on-one about their work.

Other writing assignments include a few written responses to the novels discussed in class and a to page research paper at the end of the semester. Eight meetings will be held during the semester on Wednesday from 4.

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Science writing and journalism, lab reports, corporate summaries, grant writing, editing, ethnographic observation, workflow studies, user-centered design, participatory design, conflict mediation, infographic production, website redesign—technical communication as a field encompasses numerous streams which all coalesce around translating technical information for a non-technical audience. Technical communicators, thus, usually have to be highly adaptable, ready to solve any often vague problem a client might have in communicating to their audience of customers, employees, funding agencies, bosses, et al.

Technical writing, then, is writing in technical fields, but it is so much more. In this course graduate students will: 1.

Instructors have the opportunity to teach this course in person, online, and over the summers and are encouraged to customize the curriculum to their interests. Learn about and train to enter the field of technical communication as workers who could theoretically get jobs as technical communicators. Among other texts readings will include:.

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Johnson, W. Michele Simmons, Patricia Sullivan. Lean Technical Communication. Rhetoric and Experience Architecture. This section of will be a seminar in theory. To contend against the tired and wrong caricatures of theory as antithetical to responsible historiography, this course will use a cultural rhetoric studies approach to investigate the relationship between our difficult, abstract readings and the circumstances in which they were composed and circulated.

At the same time, in willful contradiction to this respect for historical context, this seminar will play anachronistically and pedagogically with conversations imagined between texts written in impressively different situations. Along our way, course requirements will enable you to practice research methods and genres of writing that are essential to creating knowledge professionally. As it offers you preparation for further work in LCS and RWS, this seminar will provide you with an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of theory in the humanities.

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