Essay on education among men and women

This is how we meet others and how we learn the ways of our society, religion, and our country. We learn what is appropriate and what is not, how to behave with others. In a society that claims to strive for gender-equality, would it be possible to apply measures in order to put to an end the mutual exclusion created by both genders from a young age? In her book Tackling Gender Inequality Raising Pupil Achievement, Christine Forde analyzes and critiques the policy and strategies implemented to tackle gender inequality.

One major difference in gender occurs in learning and education in the elementary and secondary levels. Research has found that males and females learn differently in many aspects of education. First of all, female and male brains are constructed differently affecting the way they learn; this leads to basic differences in learning and also gives an introduction into why the way one learns differs according to gender and how males and females learn subjects and tasks differently.

Second, males and females are treated differently, sometimes unconsciously, in educational …show more content…. Females are better at verbalizing and verbal tasks and use double the amount of words than males when talking. Females also learn how to read and write earlier than males and also have a superior sensory system. Females use their five senses much better and are able to remember sensory information easier and have better hearing ranges than males Sasser.

It may often seem that males do not pay attention in the classroom, but in reality it may not be a case of attention at all. Males are able to spatially process information better.

Essay on Gender Equity in Education

Having this advantage makes them better at multiple skills such as motor skills, mental manipulation of objects, mathematical and abstract reasoning, processing symbols and pictures, navigation, and computer processing Sasser. Knowing the differences in the brain begins to give some understanding on how and why females and males learn differently. There are many basic differences in learning. Hence, for very young children gender-neutral play needs to be encouraged.

As children get older, both the education system and the media must raise awareness of female achievements in the field of science, as well as exposing them to a more diverse set of characters in books and films.

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We need to find ways to show young girls that science is fun, interesting, and, most importantly, theirs too. I am wondering is there anyone here look at this essay's structure as I do? In higher education in Russia, there are likely to be stereotypes about gender profession. Apparently, young men choose faculties in either engineering or computer programming domain. The most likely reason for the limited preferences in the society is how popular job is as well as if it is really well-paid.

Nowadays, statistics provide us with convincing figures about such beneficial positions in the job market as accountants and engineers. Coupled with this is a lack of variety of professions in local institutions. Apart from jobs mentioned above, teenagers, especially girls may apply for teaching foreign languages and linguistics faculty. However, boys have to study military subjects in any university in order to avoid serving in the army.

Furthermore, if books or films about inspirational mail and female celebrities are offered to them, they will become goal-oriented from childhood. Both girls and boys should speculate about their future profession due to interests and inspiration, but the gender they belong to.

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In some countries few people earn extremely high salaries. Some people think that this is good for country, while other believe that the government should control salaries and limit the amount people can earn. Can someone write essay on this topic. ICP : Google Tag Manager.

Essay on Equality for Women in Education - Words | Bartleby

When a strong education system is in place, and that the principle of non-discrimination is inexistent, it becomes possible to address and redress issues relating to gender injustice in the entire society. Through this, it becomes possible to overcome the social and cultural norms that tend to discriminate mostly against women and girls in society.

The prohibition against discrimination the rights of feminine gender is not dependent on the progressive realization or resource availability but applies to every aspect of education since it encompasses all sorts of intentionally prohibited grounds for gender discrimination. There are multiple challenges posed by gender discrimination in education, and for this reason, the policies and practices in education should be re-oriented in such a manner that makes it possible to deconstruct gender stereotypes and promote the equality of experience and relations for both male and female in education.

Short Essay on “Girl Education” for School Children - High School

Through this, the power imbalance that perpetuates gender inequality as well as leveraging accessibility to the rights of women and girls are addressed. The fact that education is firmly embedded in certain laws that discourage discrimination, and that the association between gender equality and the entitlement to education is confirmed, the rights of which total realization of non-discriminatory is expressed.

In all these efforts of curbing the non-discriminatory practices, the people concerned with the duty of making sure that there is no discrimination should come to an agreement that the human right to education is always served. Through this, it may become possible to treat education not as a development goal as it is used to be called, but as a right towards achieving individual goals involving men and women.

Because of this, a clearer right-based understanding of education is deemed critical as it helps in ensuring that gender discrimination and re-orientation of education is promoted so that greater gender equality in schools and societies as a whole is achieved. Certainly, there have been efforts made by the different organizations including the state to improve gender parity in education over the last decades. The efforts such as this are considered critical when it comes to restoring sameness regarding class participation and off-class activities.

Despite that Millennium Development Goals called for gender parity either at primary or secondary education by , the target was not met. However, it is encouraging to note that at the aggregate level, the world is seen to be closer and gradually moving towards the achievement of gender parity. Therefore, the government has a crucial role to play in ensuring that gender in education is promoted in all academic institutions so that a complete message is sent to the outside world that managing gender equality requires a total change of attitude and perception that men have against the women.

Gender in work is very common almost in every organization, and the employers through the human resource team have made an effort of having a workplace environment that is free from discrimination. Almost everyone is quite familiar with the framing structure of the s. In those days, men were regarded as breadwinners of any given company.

For example, the dad was considered a hard working person while on the other hand; the women who were left while sleeping by their husbands concentrate on a whole story and make it entirely possible of some outcomes. Men dominate the workplace environment, something that can make women question their value and contribution in such organizations. Truly, it is worth noting that just like men, women bring in additional productive power, and without much doubt, they contribute immensely to the growth and development of the economy. In the last decades, the number of women being employed has continued to increase partly because of affirmative action that has been taken to ensure gender equality and balance.

The employers have been convinced by the performance and impact that women make on organizational growth.

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  • To substantiate this, when given the best education as men, they too stand a better chance of accumulating the required skills to enable them to compete positively as their male counterparts. When the participation level of women in the organization during the olden days is compared to the current era, it can be mentioned that a high percentage of women are either in employment or in seeking employment opportunities.

    The implication of this is that women are beginning to find space to make an impact as men do, and for this reason, they will never allow any chance to go untried. As a result, male dominance in almost every aspect of life is soon ending since the women have proved significant in the society. Although it is true that women are out to fight for their rights, the challenge that remains relates to how gender equality can be attained in the workplace. This is so. However, much women would try to penetrate the market and enter the workforce. Another key thing that can be analyzed concerning gender in work relates to the work-life balance. For a person to become successful in his or her career, some factors would otherwise cause or make this to happen. Some of these factors are all about how best an employee can balance both work and life roles.

    This challenge is majorly great on women who are striving to achieve a balance in both of their outside-of-work demands and organizational demands. The findings have confirmed that outside-of-work duties could be very overwhelming more specifically if such an employee is a parent. In this case, the parents having young or little children at home could be finding it tough to offer their expertise to the organization because they pose to think of their families as well.