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The novel has so much influence geographically and culturally due to the approach used and the structure itself. The male has a dominant part in the exploitation of power in the relationships, and marital status is nothing of a worry when one wants to pursue their mistresses. Men in the text have idolized women, and they justify their reasons for exploitation of women.

This was a key sport in being strategic in his plans. Tom, on the other hand, uses his physical and financial powers to prove that he is in control. He and Gatsby set social structures that attract women to them. However, Nick the narrator was not able to relate with the unpredictable and manipulative Jordan Baker. She is unlike Daisy, who chose to stay with Tom, despite the fact that she was in the relationship for financial gains.

She has a complacent kind of a character that makes it difficult to make her own individual decisions. The fact that she had a relationship before with Gatsby was enough to lead her in deciding to have an affair with him. This aspect manages to bring out a clear definition of gender roles and identity in the earlier days when the novel was written. Men ask, and women respond without looking at what could be affected in their decisions. The Great Gatsby sample essay shows how the novel brings out an aspect of both genders reclaiming their positions in the society in terms of gender relations.

Though the male has dominated, and the female has proven to be dependent on men , they both have a need within themselves to redefine themselves having become victims of social norms. The male gender has dominated in economic and social part of the society making sure that the role of women is reduced to being subjects to the male exercise of power. This has been shown clearly by women getting trapped in the misogyny and manipulation set by men hence making it hard for them to stand by their choices. Their gender nature dictates the character choice in the male-dominated world.

The male exercise their power over the major female characters by ensuring that they remain the sole financial sources, and the women exercise their dependence by remaining in their marriages despite their involvement in affairs outside marriage. Though there are men like George, who have lost their position, they still exhibit their ego through defending their marriages.

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Attitude and Outlook. The fact that they are introduced in tandem, both lying on the couches in their white dresses, speaks to their initially similar attitudes. But soon we see how different their takes on this kind of life are. Appearance and Personality.

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More significantly, Daisy is incredibly self-absorbed while Jordan is very observant. Role in Society. But in any case, as we watch Daisy struggle in her marriage, what we see of Jordan is cool, calm, collected, and rather uncaring. With those strategies in mind, here are some potential arguments you could argue for or against! Dear Diary: Today I cheated at golf yet again! But it was nothing compared to what my friend Daisy did While Daisy Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson obviously come from very different backgrounds and have conflicting motivations, they also have some surprising similarities.

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Physical Appearance. Daisy and Myrtle both derive power from their looks. Throughout the novel, Myrtle is frequently reduced to being just a body - one to be used or violated by those around her.

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Meanwhile, Daisy's voice also serves to make her less of a person in her own right and more of an idealized, mythic figure from fairy tales. For Gatsby, Daisy's voice is appealing because it is "full of money" 7. Social Standing. Myrtle puts on the airs that Daisy has been born and raised with. This allows Myrtle to wield considerable social power within her group, as seen by how her guests fawn on her at the Manhattan party she throws.

Daisy, in contrast, never exerts such overt power over a group — rather, she seems to move with crowds, doing what it expected of her for instance marrying Tom despite still loving Gatsby.

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Love and Relationships. Daisy and Tom are able to stay together even through serial affairs and murder. Daisy wants to get away from an increasingly unhappy marriage and try to recapture the spontaneity and possibility of her youth, while Myrtle loves the status that her affair with Tom grants her.

Here are ways to write about these different women who face similar choices with dramatically opposite conclusions. The butterfly may be beautiful, but it's still trapped. Have an essay about a symbol or motif? Still a little hazy on some of the plot elements in Gatsby?

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Nick is a passive person and Gatsby is active, which is why Gatsby is the hero and Nick simply the observer. Nick has much more in common with Gatsby than he thinks he does, which explains why he becomes so enamored of him. Tom is right - the whole novel is Nick trying to spin a negative character into a positive one. Tom loves Daisy as a person, Gatsby loves her as an idea. Although Tom sees Gatsby as someone from an entirely different class than him, what they have in common selfishness, affairs, obsession with appearances makes a larger argument for an overall moral hollowness of the rich of any class.

We see both Gatsby and Tom through the eyes of Nick, who worships one of them and hates the other. In reality, they are both much more similar than different, and their different treatment reveals Nick's insecurities and biases.

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The fact that Tom manipulates George into killing Gatsby and then himself which allows Tom and Daisy to walk away from the entire affair without consequence shows the huge privileges of having money in the novel. Nick's approach to Tom and George shows his admiration of a physical, brutish, domineering kind of masculinity. Jordan and Daisy, because they are generally disempowered, both use their sexuality in different ways to gain power, with different results. Daisy Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson While Daisy Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson obviously come from very different backgrounds and have conflicting motivations, they also have some surprising similarities.

Daisy and Myrtle Essay Ideas Here are ways to write about these different women who face similar choices with dramatically opposite conclusions. Despite their similarities in action and motivation, Daisy is protected from any lasting harm by her wealth and old money status, while Myrtle is punished for the same behavior, revealing how the class system in America protects the wealthy.

The novel refuses to give any inner life to women, and instead reduces them to their physical qualities no matter what social class they come from. Daisy and Myrtle's similar treatment by the narrator and by the men around them shows that gender trumps class when determining status. Anna Wulick. About the Author. Ask a Question Below Have any questions about this article or other topics? Ask below and we'll reply! Search the Blog Search. Find Out How. Get the latest articles and test prep tips!