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Poster 3. Reading 3. Level 2. Level 3. GPS Level Paper 1. GPS Level Paper 2. Reading Level 6. Reading Answer Level 6. GPS Level 6 Paper 1. GPS Level 6 Paper 2.

KS2 SATs Flash Cards

GPS Level 6 Paper 3. Writing Longer. Writing Shorter. Test A Level Test B Level Mental Maths.

KS2 Maths SATS 2018 - Paper 3 Reasoning - Complete Walkthrough

Paper 1 Level 6. Paper 2 Level 6. Test A. Test B. Writing Answer. The Tempest. Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare Reading Answer.

Richard III. Much Ado about Nothing. Henry V. Twelfth Night. Shakespeare Writing. Paper 1.

KS3 SATs Papers

There are generally six questions for each topic although some more complex topics have more questions. It's good to see that the publishers have considered just how much each topic requires rather than being constrained to a set number of questions regardless of the complexity of the topic. The questions and diagrams are clear and easy to follow. The questions can be tackled in one or two sessions of study, giving children just the right amount of reinforcement without them getting bored.

There are hundreds of questions covering everything from doubling to division, angles to algebra, perimeters to percentages and much more. There are 15 different topics with two or more pages of questions. In the centre of the book are four realistic Mental Maths practice tests with free online audio files for each one. Taken together, these three guides will cover all the key areas in a succinct and enjoyable way. Using these books is an excellent way to build your child's confidence and reassure them - and you - that they are on the right track. CGP, with their touches of humour, make learning approachable and fun and always focus closely on the curriculum so parents can be confident they are giving their child the best help possible.

It is an ideal resource for teachers - designed to help their students gain practice and become familiar with the different types of questions in formal tests.

Key Stage 2 SATs Practice

There are 3 tests - one Level 5 and two Level 6 and these are in test format so a great way to prepare children. They also provide useful revision for anyone studying English as we all need to spell correctly! It's a comprehensive book - pages in all, with three spelling papers, plus answers and progress checks.

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The tests are not in SATS format - they are more detailed and offer greater opportunity for learning and consolidation. Also included is a useful selection of word lists for self-assessment.

As the Level 6 test has only recently been reintroduced, there are not many past papers available to use, so tbs will be a welcome addition to resources. It includes three complete tests, together with the mark schemes, in the exact format as the actual tests. The passages are well chosen and the questions sufficiently challenging to give children an excellent feel for the real test, and thereby enhance their confidence.

As with the other packs, this includes support and practical guidance for the tests.

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  • Videos, worksheets, 5-a-day and much more.

Give your child confidence for the tests by encouraging and supporting them to work through these papers. They can be tackled as complete papers, or just a section at a time - either way, you will be helping your child's preparation. Or, if you want to do a little extra work over the summer holiday, these would be excellent preparation for moving on to secondary school. The papers are as authentic as possible and based closely on the real tests.

If your child is assessed as being suitable to take the Level 6 papers, this pack will be an excellent resource for practice and preparation, so he knows what is expected to reach this level - mark schemes are included. Again, this is a valuable resource for teachers who will appreciate another set of papers for revision. These are based closely on the actual papers and give clear guidance as to what is expected. A note of caution though - I have found some mistakes in these papers. On looking at other reviews, I see that others have noticed too. Scholastic are aware of the and the errors will be rectified in the next reprint.

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