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This post has some excellent examples of such stereotypes. Ferguson noted that teenage magazines aimed at girls did offer a broader range of female representations, but there was still a focus on him, home and looking good for him.

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Supporting evidence for Giroux lies in the historical representation of female characters in Disney Films — where the typical female character is a sexualised yet delicate princess who needs to be rescued by a stronger male character. This blog post from Society Pages is well worth a read on this topic. Laura Mulvey studied cinema films and developed the concept of the Male Gaze to describe how the camera lens eyed up the female characters for the sexual viewing pleasure of men.

The male gaze of the camera puts the audience in the perspective of the heterosexual men — woman are displayed as a sexual object for both the characters in the film and the spectator — thus the man emerges as the dominant force and the woman is passive under the active sexual gaze of the man. The overall effect of this is that women become objectified as sex objects, rather than being represented as whole people. Mulvey argued that the Male Gaze occurred in film because heterosexual men were in control of the camera.

This is a very useful vodcast outlining the classic theories of the poor representation of women in the media historically:. Since then a number of female heroines have featured as the lead characters in various action movies such Terminator 2, the Tomb Raider films, Kill Bill, and The Hunger Games.

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The Bechdel Test is a simple test which presents a quantitative analysis of the representation of women in relation to men in film. To pass the test a film has to pass three tests…. The website above allows you to search for films which passed the test by year, and there is clear evidence that female characters are more visible and independent year on year, but there are still many films which do not pass this simple basic test. At first glance, there seem to be a number of positive female characters in Game of Thrones — the assassin and ultimate killer of the Ice King Arya Stark being the most stand-out example, with other positive female characters including Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, Sansa Stark once she gets through her abusive relationship.

However, various feminist commentators have argued that all of these positive representations are let down by the end of series eight with Brienne falling apart emotionally because of her love for Jamie Lannister, Daenerys literally going mad, Sansa apparently being strong because of her previous abusive relationship rather than in spite of it , and with all the anonymous women cowering in the crypt during the battle with the Ice King, while all the anonymous men are outside fighting.

A further Feminist argument is that all of these women are portrayed as strong individuals who are strong because they adopt male characteristics, and ultimately it is male violence which wins the day rather than more diverse forms of feminine power. In the Global Media Monitoring group conducted quantitative content analysis of sources covering announcers and reporters.

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Tebbel argues that women are under more pressure than ever before to conform to the Beauty Myth. This has not happened in just the last 10 years, this has happened over many centuries. In this time society has changed how childhood is structured and how children are treated and is still ever changing with the influences from different cultures and different sides of the world.

Because of Cross-cultural…. If such shared norms and common values are not followed, then society will fall apart. Durkheim also stated that education creates shared identity through wearing school uniform and playing team sports. Without these, co-operation, social integration and therefore social life itself would be impossible.

A vital…. Sociology Summer Term Test 1 Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Be sure to print your name and student number clearly on the answer sheet. Most people agree that sociology first emerged: pg1 a. Introduction There is hardly any place around us today where technology is not used. A typical life for a student for instance, starts at 8 am, waking up on an alarm which nowadays is an application on a mobile smart phone. With a single button pressed, they can get a warm cup of coffee on the go and head to school.

At school, an overhead projectors and laptops are widely present in class, with most of class material are communicated….

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Mead was a teacher in the Philosophy department, but still was recognized by sociologists as the man who taught a generation everything they know about this…. My educational journey from k was one that entailed formal and informal ways of education. I was enrolled in the public school system from k However, in practice, they have been primarily concerned with the search for functions, and relatively little use has been made of the concept of dysfunction.

Functionalist analysis has focused on the question of how social systems are maintained. This focus has tended to result in a positive evaluation of the parts of society and so many institutions are seen as being beneficial and useful to society. Some institutions, such as the family, religion and social stratification, are even seen as indispensable.

This view has led critics to argue that functionalism has a built-in conservative bias which supports the status quo.

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Durkheim has very opposing views to symbolic interactionism as he rejects that society is constructed by its members. He argued that society has a reality of its own over and above the individuals who comprise it. Members of society are constrained by social facts, by ways of acting, thinking and feeling, external to the individual and constraints, whether in the form of laws or customs, come into play whenever social demands are being violated.

Beliefs and moral codes are passed on from one generation to the next and shared by individuals who make up a society. From this point of view it is not the consciousness of the individual that directs behaviour, but common beliefs and sentiments that transcend the individual and shape his or her consciousness.

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Durkheim assumes that the explanation for the continuing existence of a social fact lies in its function, that is, in its usefulness for society. He thinks that society has certain functional prerequisitions, the most important of which is the need for social order which is necessary because of human nature.

He believes that humans have two sides to their nature. One side is elfish and egoistical. Humans tend to look after their own interests, which makes it difficult for individuals to be integrated into society. However, there is another side to human nature: the ability to believe in moral values. Society has made use of this side of human nature if social life is to be possible. Durkeim assumes that social life is achieved by consensus, a collective conscience consisting of common beliefs and sentiments. This constraints individuals to act in terms of the requirements of the society.

Since the collective conscience is a social fact and therefore external to the individual, it is essential that it be impressed upon him or her. Comparison of functionalism and symbolic interactionism Essay, 11 Pages, Grade: 2ii B.