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The participants' age range varied between 18 and 55 years, with the predominant range between 18 and 29 years Regarding ethnic origin, Data on students' human biology. Diagnosis criteria and classification recommended by the IV Brazilian Guidelines on Hypertension were used to define hypertension in the study population.

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Thus, a prevalence of hypertension in Results show that The participants' BMI varied between Another fact observed was that Obesity was found only in 3. The highest concentration of inadequate WHR was observed among female individuals Regarding the waist circumference, the majority of students, However, Moreover, 7. In the participants' family antecedents, it was found that The other Regarding family history of hypertension, Data on the students' environment. Regarding the origin of the participants, In relation to the school year, Regarding the students' occupation, more than a third, Regarding the participants' marital status, it was observed that Approximately half of them Of the Another element related to the environment, the object of investigation, was the individual and family income.


The majority of students, Regarding family income, Analyzing the number of people who lived in the same household, It was also verified that In terms of the predominant means of transportation to school, work and vice-versa, Data on students' life style. The large majority, Walking is the predominant physical activity Regarding the frequency and duration at which they performed the predominant physical activity, The majority of participants, Regarding the meals the majority mentioned as most consumed, Carbohydrates and proteins were the most consumed groups of food.

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Of all participants, Of the subject studied, 27 4. Of the women participating in the study, 38 Data related to health care. Initially, all participants were inquired about whether their BP had ever been measured before and which value had been found.

Refractory Hypertension

Of the interviewees, All students were asked whether they suffered from hypertension and answers were: 60 9. Only 16 The prevalence of hypertension found in the study The results found in this study regarding gender are in agreement with data found in scientific literature, since different studies indicate higher prevalence of the disease among men than among women, considering a certain age range. Findings of several studies indicate a lower prevalence of hypertension in women if compared to men of up to 55 years old.

After this age, a significant increase in the prevalence of the disease is observed among women Damage caused by obesity is clearly known and described by several authors. Obese people have a higher prevalence of hypertension than non-obese, and reducing body weight leads to reduced levels of BP Reducing body weight is the most effective non-pharmacological way to control hypertension, because even moderate reduction of body weight significantly reduces BP Family history of the hypertensive disease should be taken into account in studies on the prevalence of the disease because hypertension is a disease in which the genetic heritage element is of great importance.

Regarding the family structure of the population studied, it was observed that the majority Socioeconomic conditions have been appointed by some authors as risk factors for the development of some diseases, which influences mortality.

It is a positive fact, since regular physical activity provides multiple benefits to health, even reducing the incidence of CD, such as those due to coronary arteriosclerosis Data showed that the study population had some healthy habits, such as physical activities, which contribute to prevent some diseases caused by physical inactivity. However, despite the majority reporting the practice of physical activities, there is still a share of this population who does not, and others who do not follow requirements, that is, 30 to 60 minutes of activity at least three times per week 5.

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Regarding eating patterns, the findings show that the most consumed foods were carbohydrates and proteins, and the least consumed foods were fruits, greens and vegetables. The consumption of fruits and greens is advised because there is evidence of their protective effect against CD and CVA.

Hypertension and nutrition

The favorable effects of consuming fruits and greens for BP have been reported in innumerous studies It is known that a balanced diet is essential for the maintenance of health and that it should include the main nutritional sources: carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins and fibers. In relation to the consumption of salt, information obtained indicates that the participants did not have a clear understanding of the harmful effects of excessive ingestion of this ion. Several authors stress that saline restriction should be part of anti-hypertension therapy and is one of the first recommendations given to hypertensive patients and their families, aiming to prevent it.

Therefore, the dissemination of information aiming to prevent BP is crucial because, as several studies have shown, reducing the consumption of salt is one of the most effective measures to prevent the disease. It promotes lower elevation of BP and pressure decrease proportional to the decreased level of sodium. Despite the small number of smokers 4. In the analysis of risk factors for hypertensive disease grouped in the four elements of the Health Field model, in the human biology element, modifiable high prevalence of hypertension and a considerable percentage of overweight students and non-modifiable factors age, race, gender, family history of hypertension were highlighted.

In terms of environment, the socio-economic level low income and family structure was verified, whereas self-raised habits excessive consumption of salt and alcohol, expressive in this population are found in relation to life style. And finally, a fact related to health services deserves attention.


Although many participants indicated blood pressure measurement sometime in their life, they were not able to inform the value found at that time. Results from this study indicate the need for orientation programs to inform the population on chronic degenerative diseases in general and especially hypertension.

The struggle against hypertension and other chronic diseases is a great challenge to the State as well as to professionals, because it depends on the establishment of public policies and investment in human resources, which would allow health professionals and teachers to attend education and training programs. Communication means and society as a whole should link up with these professionals, aiming to disseminate information, with a view to changes in citizens' educative process.

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