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Physical fitness should be regularly assessed as part of all medical care Exercise should be a standard inclusion in all activities related to disease prevention and treatment. Exercising With Type 2 Diabetes If you have type 2 diabetes, regular physical activity is essential for controlling your blood glucose. Exercising With Hyperlipidemia Hyperlipidemia is a risk factor for many forms of cardiovascular disease.

Exercising With Peripheral Arterial Disease Peripheral arterial disease PAD causes a reduction in blood flow to the lower extremities due to narrowing of the arteries. Exercising With Asthma While exercise may be an asthma trigger for some people, research indicates that it is possible to build up tolerance to physical activity.

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Exercising With Arthritis An estimated 40 million people have some form of arthritis in the Philippines. Exercising While Losing Weight Regular physical activity, with a sensible diet, is the most effective way lose weight. Counting Carbs? Learn easy to prepare diabetic meal plan good for 14 days. Know Your BMI.

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On infectious acute thrombocytopenic purpura hemorrhagic fever observed in children in the Philippines. Annales paediatrici International review of pediatrics. Epidemiology of dengue disease in the Philippines — : a systematic literature review. PLoS neglected tropical diseases. Philippines National Statistics Office. World Health Organization. The Philippines health system review. PLoS medicine. World Bank. Dengue and dengue-like fevers in children. Journal of the Philippine Medical Association.

Further observations on dengue infections among Filipino children Basaca-Sevilla V. The hemorrhagic-fever problem in the Philippines and some laboratory findings. Basaca-Sevilla V, Halstead S. Laboratory detection of arthropod-borne virus infection in the Philippines. View Article Google Scholar Reyes VM. The pathology of hemorrhagic fever in the Philippines.

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Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Epidemiological research on Philippine hemorrhagic fever. Recent incidence of hemorrhagic fever in the Philippines. Hemorrhagic fever in adults. Acta medica Philippina.

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Del Mundo F, Soriano L. Clinical manifestations of serologically proven dengue viral infections during the , epidemic, Philippines. Journal of the Philippine Islands Medical Association. Dizon JJ. Philippine hemorrhagic fever—epidemiologic aspects. Philippine hemorrhagic fever: a clinical, laboratory, and necropsy study.

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The Journal of laboratory and clinical medicine. The Greater Manila dengue hemorrhagic fever epidemic of Journal of the Philippine Medical Assocation. Belmonte C. Dengue hemorrhagic fever in the Philippines in review. J Philipp Med Women's Assoc. Luke's Medical center. Phil J Microbiol Infect Dis ;13 2 Chan VF. Virological and epidemiological studies of Dengue haemorrhagic fever in the Philippines.

The Southeast Asian journal of tropical medicine and public health. Prothrombin time and partial thromboplastin time as a predictor of bleeding in patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever. Hospital-based retrospective assessment of dengue infection among Filipinos. Dengue Bulletin. Dengue surveillance in Metro Manila.

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Montalban CS. Dengue—is it milder in adults. Deen JL.

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Late presentation and increased mortality in children with dengue haemorrhagic fever. Tropical doctor. Slow improvement of clinically-diagnosed dengue haemorrhagic fever case fatality rates.

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  6. Comparison of clinical features and hematologic abnormalities between dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever among children in the Philippines. The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene. Dengue and other febrile illness among children in the Philippines. Nishiura H, Halstead SB. The Journal of infectious diseases.