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At Yale, she studied the evolution and ontology of human social cognition using a variety of model primate species. She joined Cell Press in He earned his BS in chemical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his PhD in chemical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, where his thesis project focused on the biological effects of air plasmas. He studied analytical chemistry as a postdoctoral researcher at Northeastern University, then joined Cell Press at the start of Technical writing skills.

Share Share. Do not forget to briefly describe the problem mentioned in the article.

Example: The article by J. Example: The relevance of this article is unquestionable, since the verification and assessment of knowledge and skills of students in technical specialties in the university is very important and a necessary part of the learning process, and mastering the testing methodology is one of the important and difficult tasks a teacher faces. Example: The author carries out serious work to determine the functions of feedback or control when teaching foreign language students of technical specialties. Example: Scientific article by J. Article Review Sample Analysis We present an article review example of high quality that was analyzed correctly.

Click the images to see their full size. Stylistic and Linguistic Features of the Review The style of review balances between the artistic and journalistic styles, and the preponderance in one or another direction depends on the theme, the nature of the publication, and where the review and individual preferences of the author are published.

The following are features of the set of language units for reviews written in the journalistic style: the use of lexicon for the designation of social and cultural realities; artistic means: epithets, comparisons, metaphors that gravitate both to the artistic and to the journalistic style it is not worth much to saturate the text with them ; phraseological units; terms that relate to a particular field.

Guide to Writing an Article Review

This article shows … The author has studied in sufficient detail presented, described … That is why in this paper, much attention is paid to … Sources cited in this article reflect the current viewpoint on the problem under study. The positive aspects of the work can be attributed … As a positive fact, it can be noted that … The article is based on a detailed analysis … Especially it should be stressed that … Particular attention in the study … is given … A conclusion is of special interest about … Special attention is deserved … The practical significance of this article is … The proposed approach to the study of the problem … The original concept considered in the article … The work under review is a serious and interesting scientific article on a rather rare topic … The work under review is distinguished by the novelty and demonstrability of a number of ideas.

It should be noted that this scientific article reveals a number of interesting aspects … The article is executed on a high scientific level, and contains a number of conclusions of practical interest. The criterion of completeness is important not only for the article being analyzed, but also for reviewing it.

Completion is the recommendation of the reviewer, but they must have sufficient argumentation in the analysis. In the review, more than just the language should be clear — you can not allow ambiguity in the presentation of your thoughts. Do not use too many complex sentences. The review should be written in clear language using well-known terminology. Terminology should be used competently; if you doubt the uniqueness of the concept or its relevance, it is better not to use it at all.

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Pay attention to the correlation of the tonality of the analysis object and the review itself. For example, to describe a scientific article, humorous intonations will be inappropriate. While retelling the article, remember the principle of laconism: the story needs to be built in such a way as to illuminate the problems. Do not allow the review to go into similar genres. The position of the reviewer should be unambiguous, and blurring of opinion is not allowed. Arguing the position is also a very important point, as without it the review will be perceived simply as an amateur review.

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