Excuses for not doing your homework funny

13 Hilarious Homework Excuses That Will Make You Smile

The excuses for no homework prevail but are not accepted. These writing services also claim that if the work is booked from a student and the deadline is for one day, yet the deadline meets and the work is given back on time. The students generally find it hard in writing homework, as they are lengthy and time-consuming too.

Excuses For Not Doing Your Homework (2)

Therefore, you should opt for this shortcut, which meets all the educational expectations, which is worth taking. At some point it has happened, you have not done the homework and you invented an excuse for the teacher. Following are the good excuses for not doing homework, by students.

Now, the point comes that what is the need of hiring a professional for the Homework. Indeed, there is an immense need for online homework writers.

12 of the Funniest Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework

Numerous are the reasons which show that you need a homework writing services. If you do not possess good English and grammar, which is a must for the degree. Then you just need an online writer for writing the homework. You do not have enough time and resources to do the task of writing homework, as the homework call for an intense research. The research tactic and analysis, that you opt for your Homework, is not persuasive and therefore you may believe that an assignment writing service can do better.

10 Best Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework

The online service providers of the homework help you in many regards. The student can completely count on these online writing services as they do the best for their clients. Toggle navigation.


I was going to school this morning and it was very windy. I carried the homework in my hands, but it slipped out of them and blew away. When it was time for my homework, my mom said she needed to see me in the kitchen right away. Clearly, my dad accidentally took it to work because his briefcase was next to my backpack.


I felt like that should let him know that he was wrong. It would be wrong to hurt him, so I thought a good way was to throw something at him. I quickly looked through my backpack, but the only thing I could find was the homework I had to submit today.

After hesitating a bit, I let him have it. I decided not to hurt their feelings and left it at home. When I was about done, something pushed me forward and I dropped my work right into the pool. The amount of homework is steadily increasing , so more and more students are finding creative excuses to avoid it. We collected just a small amount in this article, but there are literally thousands of excuses like these, and students keep coming up with new ones.

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