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They will age the fastest. With electronics, extravagance may pay. A super-charged computer will still run the software that comes out two years from now, and a large monitor will accommodate the ever wider web pages that companies will be building then. Similarly, a cell phone with a full-text keypad or the iPhone will see you through the text-messaging era that is upon us.

When you make a purchase, find out how to keep the item in shape. Then, maintain it accordingly and repair it when necessary. Before you recycle or dispose of anything, consider whether it has life left in it. A jam jar can store leftovers. Food scraps can become compost.

An old shirt can become a pajama top. An opened envelope can become a shopping list. A magazine can be shared. DVDs can be traded. A dishwasher can be repaired.

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A computer can be upgraded. A car can be resold. A cell phone can be donated. Returnable bottles can be, well Reusing keeps new resources from being used for a while longer, and old resources from entering the waste stream. It's as important as it is unglamorous. Think about how you can do it more.

Recycling is the "R" that has caught on the best. Partly, this is because there are so many curbside recycling programs today, which makes recycling so easy. What keeps it from being a total piece of cake is the rules. Every municipality has its own, and they are not always as straightforward as it could be. For example, towns are usually particular about the plastics they accept for recycling.

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Free Essays words 4. When recycling computers it is also very important to recognize the amount of hazardous material in an actual computer. Not until the last few decades has this been an issue. Many people and many companies are upgrading their computers and the issue here is what to do with the old ones.

Computers are put together very complexly. There are many materials that are needed to make a computer work and many of these are deemed hazardous to the environment Essay Preview. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Need Writing Help? Essay about Fun Activity for Adults: Reconstruct, Reuse and Recycle Material - Ever since I first heard of natural play areas for kids in my anthropology class I have been interesting in finding an activity that would encourages a similar type of behavior in adults.

Reuse And Discharge Of Wastewater Essay - Abstract Wastewater is simply water than has been used from industries, domestic and ground water run-off.

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    Essay about Recycling Computers - Recycling Computers this paper includes survey and results In order to keep up with technology, computers must be replaced every few years.

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      Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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      Reuse, Reduce and Recycle Essay

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