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Posted by: Maha Thursday, October 31, at It is true that newly-invented technologies have been changing the way we communicate.

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Firstly, tele-education distance education provides accessibility of information no matter where we are. Secondly, Skype and other office oriented software can deliver the feasibility for experts from different locations, or even countries, to brainstorm together and solve over-complicated problems.

Finally, people tend to rely more on social network services than ever before to maintain personal relationships and make new friends. On the one hand, the effects can be positive. Teleworking enables employees to communicate more efficiently to improve productivity. Moreover, online studying systems can provide the accessibility to well-organized courses for students from rural area and the quality of education can be guaranteed. On the other hand, I believe social network services, such has Facebook and twitter can also have negative consequences.

For example, people tend to stay inside in their own rooms rather than talking to each other face to face. Social network is one of the main reasons for the reduction of outdoor activities. Also, online information is not always authentic. For example, some people may deliberately distribute fault information online in order to gain illegal profit.

In conclusion, new technologies certainly have had huge impacts on how we build connections and how we work together. However, the outcomes are not always good. Posted by: Leo Wednesday, May 07, at Posted by: veer Thursday, July 10, at Hi simon, my question is about the adj "revolutionised" is it correct spelling cause I look up on dictionary I found only " revolutionized " like that could u help me plz. Posted by: Mohamed Tuesday, August 05, at Posted by: Simon Tuesday, August 05, at Posted by: Samran Yousaf Monday, December 01, at How can i manage the time properly.

Posted by: Amrit Wednesday, January 21, at I am quite confused when planning for this type of question, because the answers to the first and the second question can sometimes be mixed together, i. Posted by: Juan Thursday, April 09, at Posted by: nini Monday, September 07, at Many have been benefited to interact with each other easily, thanks to the help of advanced technology, but still there are problems caused due to misuse of technology.

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On one hand, people are now no longer suffering from the disconnection of their friends and families due to long distance separation. People from Europe can call their friends in China anytime they prefer, instead of taking an airplane to China in order to tell them face to face.

Because of invention of a lot of communication applications, for example, whatsapp, viber, facebook, etc. On the other hand, however, it has caused some communication problems these days people tend to focus more on their communication devices rather than connect with people face to face.

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In my opinion, the advancement of technologies are designed to help people communicate more effective. We should also educate our young generation on the importance of face to face communication, as they are the future of human being. They will develop new technologies to move mankind forward.

Posted by: Erica Monday, June 20, at Technology has really changed the way children learn. Kenyan schools are slowly embracing E-learning technology and computer assisted learning. Posted by: Terry Tuesday, June 28, at Posted by: Evans Tuesday, July 19, at Posted by: ahmed Monday, August 08, at Posted by: Mally Gozal Wednesday, September 21, at Posted by: taraneh Wednesday, October 19, at Posted by: Tehreem Omer Sunday, November 06, at Hi Dear Simon I've heard that it would be better to answer such opinion-led questions with one strong side!

Essay on Technology - Advantages and Disadvantages ( Words Essay)

I mean that we should describe this question that wether it is a positive development or negative one Posted by: Maral Sunday, December 11, at Posted by: Vishal Wednesday, January 25, at Posted by: Vishal Majra Wednesday, January 25, at Posted by: maryjane Wednesday, May 10, at Posted by: Fire Mockingjay Monday, May 15, at Posted by: maryjane Monday, June 05, at Hi Simon, Can you explain to me the meaning of "a poor substitute"?

I do not really understand it.

Posted by: Quyen Wednesday, June 07, at Posted by: Simon Monday, June 12, at Hi Simon, In my opinion, it is easy for readers to misuderstand the term"on the other hand". This term means"However", but it also means "Additionally". Should we use "On the one hand" first and then "On the other hand"? Posted by: NguyenAnh Tuesday, June 13, at I am very highly obliged Posted by: Peehu Sharma Tuesday, July 04, at Posted by: Tina Saturday, July 15, at Posted by: Arun choudhary Saturday, November 25, at Posted by: mehad Monday, January 15, at Posted by: aaron Wednesday, January 17, at Can i write this essay like technology has affected various kinds of relations in both positive and negative way then explain its effects on various relations in body paras and in conclusion i write that it is a double edge sword and to make it complete positive developmentlimitations on its usage should be implemnted.

Posted by: snasir Wednesday, February 07, at Hj Simon and all friends, I'm very confused about the differences between 2 questions: - the effect of technology - and the valuation of the positive or negative of something. They look like the same, how to present my clear opinion. Thanks a lot. Posted by: Kate Dinh Sunday, September 16, at Posted by: Tt Thursday, December 06, at Nowadays technology is very important, a new technology even before we knew how to use it, a new one comes, thank you for sharing.

Posted by: Eric Wednesday, February 27, at Posted by: Mehrangiz Saturday, May 04, at Posted by:. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. Please try again. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.

This prevents automated programs from posting comments. Having trouble reading this image? View an alternate. URLs automatically linked. Name is required. Email address will not be displayed with the comment. Name is required to post a comment. Please enter a valid email address. Invalid URL. Partners Partner in China. Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. Hi, Simon, I think we should use MIX instead of MIXING in this sentence: many young people choose to make friends online rather than mixing with their peers in the real world I know you no longer reply our questions, hopefully you can answer in another way.

Which is correct? Hi Tony, Both are fine and it won't change the score , but I agree that it might be 'neater' to use "mix" because I used "make". Adel, both are correct. HI Simon can we used vehicle travel as a synonyms for word car usage. Thank you Mr. Simon for answering my question. Your Web site is fantastic.

Essay on the Negative Effects of Technology on Children

Hi Simon, Why did you write twice "On the other hand"? Hi Nosirkhan, Sorry. Yes I made a mistake. Hi Simon, According your sample essay, I recognize that the structure of the essay organized in 2 parts; the first part is answer the question "new technology achievements affect in what ways", the second part is answer the question "they make positive or negative". My question is "Is it wrong if I organize the essay in 2 parts, one for positive effects, one for negative effects and explain more detail in which way they impact on each part" I hope that I can get your idea.


Hi Simon, It's a great essay. Please correct me if I am wrong somewhere. Hi Tim, It's common to use 'between' when talking about more than 2 people. Hi Simon, I think it is really easy for me to structure a paragraph using the connectors such as 'firstly, secondly, thirdly finally ' which you suggested in your ebook. Thanks in advance! Hi Simon, My writing teacher tell me that in the first paragraph I should post a classic background relating to the topic.

Hi Simon, I know that you don't offer essay correction on this website. Also, I would be really grateful to people who could give me their opinion on this essay: Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. Well done Faisal! Hi Hussain, Because I started the paragraph with "On the one hand".

Long and Short Essay on Technology in English

Hey Simon, Cooperation between people in different countries was much more difficult when communication was limited to written letters or telegrams. In the sentence, the word should be "write" rather than "written", right? Hi Lily, "written letters" means "letters that are written by hand". Try best man. Hi Mohamed, Both ways of spelling it are fine.

How can i manage the time properly thanks. Dear Simon, I am quite confused when planning for this type of question, because the answers to the first and the second question can sometimes be mixed together, i. How do you think we can avoid repeating ideas in two main paragraphs? Looking forward to your suggestion. Hi Simon, may you help me? Dear Simon, or any other student, Could you kindly help me to review my writing? Thank you Simon.