Teaching english writing to develop creative thinking skills for high school students

I hope that this list of "Five Things" will be helpful as you set academic goals for the rest of the year. You may find, of course, that if you create your own they will be more meaningful, and you're more likely to stick with your plan. I hope you will be able to pick at least one thing and give it a try. The other thing I have learned from the resolution experts at women's magazines is that baby steps are better than no steps at all.

So give it a try and go easy on yourself if it doesn't go as well as planned or if you get busy and don't keep up as well as you'd like. The most important thing is that you explore an instructional area that you know will improve the academic achievement of ELLs, and commit yourself to continued improvement in Happy Teaching in the New Year!

Note: For more recommended online resources, take a look at the Hotlinks that follow each of these articles and webcasts. With generous support provided by the National Education Association. By Kristina Robertson. On this page Strategies for the New Year Hotlinks. Strategies for the New Year 1. Increase ELL students' English language production and peer interaction. More ideas for !

Hotlinks Note: For more recommended online resources, take a look at the Hotlinks that follow each of these articles and webcasts. In order to increase opportunities in which students can interact, try some of the strategies listed in this article, including the "think-pair-share" and "circle chats. Robin Scarcella, providing an overview to academic language instruction for English language learners, as well as teaching strategies, activity ideas, and recommended resources.

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Deborah Short and discusses instructional strategies for teaching English language learner students in middle and high school, such as the SIOP model. Increase ELL Parent Involvement How to Get Parents Involved: Bilingual Family Night This article offers some suggestions for planning a bilingual family event, as well as creative ways to bridge the language gap and a list of links to useful websites. Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences with Bilingual Families This article provides a number of tips for reaching out to bilingual parents during conferences, including ideas that will help you bridge that language gap, take cultural expectations about education into account, and provide your students' parents with the information they need about their children's progress in school.

The packet is downloadable and has many translated resources included. Writing Improving Writing Skills: ELLs and the Joy of Writing Find out how you can help your ELLs improve their writing skills with strategies for differentiating writing activities, as well as a wide range of writing resources, exercises, and ideas for the classroom. The article outlines the process from start to finish, starting with helping students develop a deeper understanding of writing test requirements to planning, organizing, and editing the essay's final draft.

For commercial use, please contact info colorincolorado. Most Popular. Using Cognates to Develop Comprehension in English. Tweets by ColorinColorado. Thanks millions for vsluable ideas. I could learn new strstegies again. This is excellent! Thank you for these tips! I will share them on my own ESL blog. I even asked the Art teacher to help reinforce those concepts in class.

Tapping into multiple intelligences is key. Creativity requires us to use different parts of our brain. We often bridge connections between seemingly unrelated areas to make new concepts emerge. Allow students to use their strengths to find new ways of approaching a topic or solving a problem. You might be surprised with what they come up with. Collard suggests teachers focus on teaching particular skills or set of behaviors, rather than preparing students for specific careers.

Teach creative skills explicitly. Resiliency Collaboration Giving responsibility to students. Have them develop their own projects. Rick Ackerly says:. November 28 at am. Miriam Clifford says:.

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